Unfortunate Events

San Marcos, TX Converse Gin & Mill Fire, Jan 1892

SAN MARCOS, Tex., Jan. 27.—The Converse gin and mill property, belonging to John M. Cape, located one mile below town, was burned to-day. Loss fully $3000; no insurance.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 28 Jan 1892

San Marcos, TX Fell From Fire Wagon, Jan 1907

San Marcos Fireman Hurt.

Special to The News.

San Marcos, Tex., Jan. 20.—George Behrens of the local fire department was seriously and perhaps dangerously hurt this morning in attempting to board the fire department wagon as it was making a ran to a fire. He was thrown down and the wagon passed lengthwise over his body. The extent of his injuries can not be definitely ascertained at this time.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 21 Jan 1907

San Marcos, TX Train Wrecked By Rails Spreading, Sep 1908



San Marcos, Texas, Sept. 16. — The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Flyer, in charge of Conductor Harry Loomis, due to arrive here at 5:50 this morning, was wrecked two and a half miles north on the International and Great Northern tracks, caused by spreading rails. The tender, mail, baggage, chair and through sleepers left the rails, telescoping with great damage. Notwithstanding the train was crowded with passengers there were few very serious injuries. The track was torn up for a distance of a hundred yards or more, and it will be ten hours before traffic can be resumed.
The injured:
L. L. LOUIS, Celina, Texas, leg skinned.
A. C. DAVIS, Oklahoma City, Okla., head slightly bruised.
SANDY EDMERSON, Austin, leg bruised.
W. A. LEE, Fort Worth, head and arms injured.
B. A. WADE, Temple, leg skinned slightly.
T. E. WATSON, news agent, shoulder dislocated.
MISS GRACE GRIFFIN, San Antonio, internally injured.
T. E. RING, Corpus Christi, head bruised.
MISS MAY SAVAGE, Elida, N. M., hips bruised.
MRS. JOHN TYKE, San Antonio, back wrenched.
MRS. O. P. BONHAM, en route to Sabinal, collar bone broken.
MISS BONHAM, shoulder dislocated.
Six BONHAM children all injured to some extent.
J. A. BALDWIN, Rocky, Okla., hips and ankle bruised.
W. P. TRACEY, St. Louis, knee injured.
R. L. CARR, San Antonio, chest and arm injured.
GUILLERMO VILLEMUVE, Del Rio, side and arm bruised.
DR. JUAN CATELLO SILAR, president Saltillo, Mexico, head bruised.

Palestine Daily Herald Texas 1908-09-17

Kyle, TX Auto Accident, Apr 1927

Railway Man Killed When Auto Overturns

AUSTIN, Texas, April 18 (Sp.)—Henry Ridley, 28 years old, division freight agent of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway Company at Austin, was fatally injured when an automobile in which he was riding with three other young men, law students at the University of Texas, overturned at a sharp curve on the Austin-San Antonio post road at a point three miles north of Kyle and twenty miles south of Austin early Monday. Arthur Stieren, who was driving. Gordon Johnson and Truman C. Warren escaped injury.

Ridley died shortly after being brought to the Seton Infirmary in Austin. His body was crushed and one leg broken. The party at the time of the accident were returning to Austin from San Antonio, where they had spent Sunday.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 Apr 1927

San Marcos, TX Drowning, May 1961

San Marcos, Texas -A 10 year old San Marcos girl drowned in the San Marcos River Sunday afternoon while on a picnic at City Park with her family.

Police said Maria Luisa Olivo, daughter of Mrs.[sic] and Mrs. Pablo Olivo, apparently fell in the river while looking for her brother.

Ironically, the girl’s brother returned to the picnic area shortly after his sister left. San Marcos Police Dispatcher Roger Williamson said.

Williamson said another picnicker, unidentified, found the girl’s body in about 15 feet of water.

She was pronounced dead about 2 p.m. by Dr. William L. Moore, Williamson said.

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX 8 May 1961