Obtained and transcribed by Lisa Smith-Curtean

Source: San Marcos Free Press San Marcos, Texas, Thursday, October 14, 1886, page 3 column 3. Courtesy of Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers & University of North Texas

We are indebted to Judge Kone, per County Treasurer Patterson, for the body of the following table.  This county, as will be seen, with the exception of the city of San Marcos, is still under the old “community system.”  It was emancipated from it by the Legislature a few years since, but our Representatives, unwisely we think, obtained a special act restoring it to the system.  In the table from which we copy, San Marcos is erroneously classed among these communities, whereas, by a voter of the people last year our city schools were happily placed on an independent and united basis, to their manifest great growth and progress.  In the table, as we have said, San Marcos was not only erroneously classed as a “community” but placed at the tail-end, and the amount of money credited to it put at only $160, whereas the whole amount allotted our public schools, as we have it from Mr. Chas. Hutchings, one of the Trustees, is $2,041.00.  Presuming the allotment to the colored school to be correctly stated in the table at $329. 95 and deducting that from the $2,041.00 and we have $1711.05 as the present ascertained public fund of the white public school.  Quite a difference!  We will presume the errors we have mentioned were unintentional, but at any rate it is our duty as truth-telling journal, to correct them. The Trustees of our city Public Schools are Chas. Hutchings, E. de Steiger, A. C. Mosher, W. O. Hutchison, and R. Fromme.

Another explanation seems to be called for.  School community No. 25, in the original table named “San Marcos, white,’ is not in San Marcos at all, but consists of scattering outsiders who wished to send to Coronal Institute and organized for that purpose.  We therefore leave the name blank.  As just stated it does not belong to San Marcos at all, and to name it “San Marcos School” is incorrect, and calculated to create confusion of ideas.  It might with much more propriety be named Coronal Institute community, in as much as it was organized simply as an adjunct to that institution, after it had lost the mass of the public funds by the organization of the independent City Free School.

We now copy the table as corrected, with its original preface:

The following are the names and numbers of the school communities as organized in Hays county for the present scholastic year, the names of the trustees of each school and the amount that each school is credited with, including the balances from last year.

Elm Grove1C M Carpenter, J. F. Brown, W H Parker$291.60
Kone2J M Nance, Otto Groos, Joel Rice480.60
Mt. Sharp3J A Roach, J M Jennings, D H Mims226.02
Mexican4M Rivers, J P Kone, Robert Kyle281.50
Rock Springs5H J Doerrah, C H Hofheinz, G. Nowell131.55
Antioch6Jas Smith, Wm Smith, Jerry Word286.75
Blanco7Sam Kyle, Myatt Newman, Ed Lawshe221.65
Boding8Ed Eberhard, J Craunholtz, L. Staehner113.40
Dripping Springs10C S Graham, J W Philips, B R Wilhite664.20
Science Hall11W L Franks, Thos Howe, T M Egerton410. 40
Wimberly12E P Laney, Z T Wimberly, B F Yantis482.75
Purgatory Springs13J G Moeller, C Werneckee, O O Owen162.18
Springtown14T J McCarty, C B Black, L E Owen205.20
DuPre15S E Johnson, W W Puckett, J N Goforth386.00
Live Oak16W J Armstrong, J A Duesterhef, Duggeon118.20
San Marcos, colored17G W S Holland, D R Roberts, Thos Stein.329.95
Mt. Gaynor18B L Spaw, W P Hutson, J W Crow187.10
Oyster Creek19J S Brown, Robert Kyle, N W Gray267.55
Wayside20W B Adare, T J Taylor, G H Bruns129.60
High Prairie21W P Owens, Jas Dixon, C M Breeding232.20
Independence22W A Stone, J W Stone, W W Caldwell236.50
Valley Ford23C G Demint, A M Perry, H T Peel107.10
Liberty Hill24W G Adams, C L Durrah, C C Crumby237.45
 25W R M’Kie, W A Thompson, Capt McLelan270.00
McGehee, colored26Wm Burleson, Monroe Mulky, Ed Ellis139.00
Mt. Hope27W W Davis, Thos Boyd, A M Etheridge145.80
Rock Ridge, colored28Jas Langdon, Warren Wilson, B G Grant227.45
West Point29S H Johnson, J. M. McCristian, J M Craps129.60
Durham, colored30J W Campbell, Let Simms, H. Washington176.00
Salem31J B Lawrence, H C Richie, J B Daniel235.85
Science Hall Home32M S Ward, H H. Stanley, P Allen221.40
Pleasant Hill, col’d33Geo Strain, G Washington, Jas Hamilton275.40
Burleson, colored34Isaiah Bradley, Andrew Barnett, J. Smiler141.60
Riverside35Jason Wilson, Obe Wilhite, R H Huggins189.00
Kyle Seminary36Desha Bunton, C P Harris, D A Barbee904.15
Bluff Springs37Math Speed, B C Lock, J W McClintock156.60
Prairie Hill38A H Lock, A J Span, J T Goforth255.10
Bell Springs39Joe Sermons, John Wilford, — Green151.20
Plum Creek40C L Lightfoot, Wm Heideman, E Riedel216.00
Herring41Trustees in Blanco county135.00
Long View42Geo Rector, Cal Searcy, S Y Hedgespeth118.80
Jacob’s Well43A T Brooks, Joe Spiller, W M Mathews131.60
Long Branch44W B Stovall, W E Watson, G E Rylander189.00
Cedar Top45Frank Brooks, J S Egger, Wm Henson145.80
Spanish46Rays Sisman, B Sulosh, M Hernandez120.60