Self Locking Nut.

Description: Patent for a “simple and efficient device” for “securely holding a nut upon a bolt”.

Patent #: 814199

Creation Information: Galliher, Lawrence M. March 6, 1906.

Improved Stitching-Horse.

Description: Patent for improvements in the construction of stitching-horses by re-configuring the original constructions, in order to make them better for users. The patent includes instructions and a single illustration.

Patent #: 83477

Creation Information: Depp, Thomas October 27, 1868.

Packing attachment for cotton presses.

Description: Patent for improvement of packing attachment for cotton presses.

Patent #: 327858

Creation Information: Bradford, John B  – Date: 6 October 1885

Cotton Loading and Weighing Device.

Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and efficient cotton loading and weighing device for wagons. It can be easily put onto or removed from any wagon. This invention has a unique way of “clamping-loop or wire support by means of which the main inclined beam or support of the device is firmly and securely upheld and braced with relation to the tail-gate of a wagon with which said clamping frame or loop is adapted to engage” (lines 25-31).

Patent #552617

Creation Information: Paolucci, Henry Emanuel – Dated 7 January  1896.

Improvement in Medical Compounds.

Description: Patent for a medical compound of alcohol (or “good brandy”), asafetida, camphor, laudanum, yellow jessamine, sassafras, and water.

Patent: #152979

Creation Information: Dixon, Shadrach – Dated: 14 July 1874