Bonds and Oaths of Office

Texas – 1846–1920

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View RecordNameRecord Date
View RecordL H Armstrong13 Apr 1872
View RecordThomas G Bankhead19 Feb 1849
View RecordH E Barber19 Nov 1880
View RecordJames U Barton18 Aug 1862
View RecordJ R Brown26 Apr 1870
View RecordZ P Bugg18 Jan 1873
View RecordD C Burleson13 Jan 1865
View RecordJ R Burleson19 Jun 1871
View RecordB F Cady1 Oct 1872
View RecordA B Chenoweth4 Apr 1870
View RecordC S Cock29 Jan 1872
View RecordA K Daniels17 Jun 1876
View RecordJ S Davis22 Nov 1888
View RecordAlston Duggan31 Jul 1871
View RecordSterling Fisher7 Jan 1884
View RecordR S Fortson26 Nov 1884
View RecordEd J L Green26 Apr 1870
View RecordJ L Green8 Jan 1877
View RecordB C Hardin29 Aug 1870
View RecordAlbert Heaton26 Apr 1870
View RecordJohn W Herndon3 Oct 1870
View RecordEd R Kone17 Apr 1871
View RecordEd R Kone3 Jun 1872
View RecordWilliam R Lewis13 Oct 1870
View RecordF J Manlove1 May 1876
View RecordS B McBride26 Apr 1870
View RecordA D McGehee16-Oct-1906
View RecordH A McMeans31 Jan 1874
View RecordEnoch Moore27 Nov 1867
View RecordLorenzo Moore30 Apr 1870
View RecordW E Moore28 Nov 1898
View RecordE Northcraft21-Oct-1901
View RecordA Y Oldham13 Nov 1890
View RecordNelson F Owens10 Oct 1848
View RecordJ F Rowley2 Jan 1871
View RecordW Reagan Stone1-Dec-1906
View RecordE H Webb13 Mar 1877
View RecordW D Wood11-Oct-1901
View RecordJames A Wren30 Oct 1874

Source Information:Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Original data: Secretary of State Bonds and Oaths of Office. Austin, Texas: Texas State Library and Archives Commission.