Confederate Pensions

Confederate Pension Application Files
Texas State Archives

Texas Confederate Veterans Pension Applications for Hays County are at the Texas State Electronic Library  and while they charge a fee for copies, it is very reasonable and they always are helpful and considerate. Also they bill with the copies. You can also order files by submitting the file information by email.

The information in the applications is very complete and usually contains parents, spouse, date of birth, date of marriage, how long in Texas, present address and how long at present address. They will also contain other family members in the references or Interrogatories, which is usually by family members.

A rejected application means usually that their service could not be verified, that they did not serve long enough, or they took the oath of allegiance before Lee surrendered the Army of the Appomattox. There can be more than one application also. If there is more than one, when you request information, all applications by that person is sent.

Applicant Name App # County Husband Husband’s App #
Adare, M. V. (Mrs) 39027 Hays Adare, William Branch 25739
Adare, Samuel Jurden 25738 Hays
Adare, William Branch 25739 Hays
Allbright, William N. 40595 Hays William Nelson, Sr.
Allen, W. N. 28975 Hays
Allsup, Thomas Henry 27015 Hays
Appling, Amaricus Columbus 47363 Hays
Appling, Mary Virginia 47550 Hays Appling, Amaricus Columbus 47363
Armstrong, John Burke 32842 Hays
Armstrong, Mary A. 45140 Hays Armstrong, John Burke 32842
Bagley, Annie 40832 Hays Bagley, Charles Hamilton 14785
Bagley, Josephine 32705 Hays Bagley, Maribeau Lamar
Bagley, Margaret Tennessee 36825 Hays Bagley, David Ross
Bagley, Mary A. Clayton 51400 Hays Bagley, Lindsey Burleson
Baker, George C. 22308 Hays
Barbee, Cordelia 45509 Hays Barbee, John Jones
Barbee, Sallie 26472 Missing Hays
Bell, Sarah E. 26474 Hays Bell, Rufus Lafayette
Bennett, Mary Elizabeth 35598 Hays Bennett, George Henry 9778
Blum, Johanna 31927 Hays Blum, Casper Fredrich
Breed, James C. 39443 Hays
Breedlove, Thomas A. 15416 Hays
Brooks, Allen Turner 6343 Hays
Brooks, Helena 25737 Hays Brooks, Allen Turner 6343
Brown, Elizabeth Panline 42000 Hays Brown, Ossiam Tigers
Butler, M. R. (Mrs) 10389 Hays Butler, David B.
Byars, G. A. M. (Mrs) 35094 Hays Byars, Joseph Jeremiah
Carlton, Lucy V. 49392 Hays Carlton, John Peter
Carter, Hannibal (Mrs) 11477 Hays Carter, Hannibal 1555
Carter, Lou T. (Mrs) 21683 Hays Carter, Haley McCalister
Carter, R. J. 10973 Hays
Chapman, M. A. (Mrs) 37399 Hays Chapman, William Thomas
Cleveland, David D. 23287 Hays
Clopton, M. S. (Mrs) 19593 Hays
Cochran, Martin B. 04634a Hays
Coleman, W. W. 23107 Hays
Collie, Lue 32675 Hays Collie, Albert Weich
Collier, Amanda Jane 37151 Hays Collier, Smith 12228
Combs, Fannie A. 47219 Hays Combs, James Henry
Connelly, John Larkin (Mrs) 30307 Hays Connelly, John Larkin
Cook, Eliza 1891 Hays Cook, Gustave
Cowan, C. (Mrs) 15419 Hays Cowan, Samuel Franklin
Crouch, Charles Louis 48072 Hays
Crouch, Jane 51853 Hays Crouch, Charles Louis 48072
Crumley, Mary S. 41728 Hays Crumley, Chapple Columbus
D’spain, Mary E. 38517 Hays D’spain, Alonzo L. 18773
Dailey, David Watson (Mrs) 43136 Hays Dailey, David Watson
Dailey, L. J. 46930 Hays
Davidson, Ottawa Anna 38246 Hays Davidson, Nalium Putney 10633
Davis, John Springs 37402 Hays
Davis, N. J. (Mrs) 15418 Hays Davis, Andrew Lawson
De Steiguer, Julia W. 47539 Hays De Steiguer, Edward
Dement, J. C. 12405 Hays
Dizard, Germain 6555 Hays
Dobbins, Minnie Clyde 43452 Hays Dobbins, William German
Duke, Joseph Benton 28976 Hays
Duncan, Alex V. 26473 Hays
Dunning, N. E. (Mrs) 17257 Hays Dunning, Samuel Washington 11277
Durand, Adelada 51239 Hays Durand, Nacleto
Dykes, Martin Van Buren Rejected Hays
Earnest, Joseph William (Mrs) 47253 Hays Earnest, Joseph William
Echols, Mans Marcellus 42329 Hays
Echols, Mans Marcellus (Mrs) 48025 Hays Echols, Mans Marcellus 42329
Echols, Sue M. Coppin 20282 Hays Echols, Harvey Hampton
Echols, W. D. 9479 Hays
Egger, J. L. 43130 Hays
Elliott, Andrew Jackson 6557 Hays
Elliott, Mary 9225 Hays Elliott, Andrew Jackson 6557
Ellis, Annie E. 12892 Hays Ellis, J. E. 6554
Ellis, J. E. 6554 Hays
Ellison, Eveline Janning 10260 Hays Ellison, James F. 8721
Ellison, James F. 8721 Hays
English, S. A. (Mrs) Rejected Hays English, Aron
Ezell, Benjamin Franklin 10259 Hays
Ezell, Virginia 23560 Hays Ezell, Benjamin Franklin 10259
Ferguson, Mary Jane 49334 Hays Ferguson, James Hawkey
Fisher, Sterling (Mrs) 42865 Hays Fisher, Sterling
Fortson, Roderick Sylvanus 1892 Hays
Franks, John Nathaniel 13361 Hays
Freeman, Lucy 31810 Hays Freeman, John Randolph
Fry, Georgia A. 17800 Hays Fry, William Ballard
Fulton, James Buchaloo 22220 Hays
Fulton, James Buchaloo (Mrs) 35876 Hays Fulton, James Buchaloo 22220
Gann, Nathan A. 35051 Hays
Garrett, A. J. (Mrs) 19019 Hays Garrett, Thomas Jasaway
Garrett, Louisa Jane Harper 45121 Hays Harper, William Henry
Garrett, S. E. (Mrs) 40274 Hays Garrett, William D.
Garrett, W. D. Rejected Hays
Gatliff, Moses 1893 Hays
George, Susan 37152 Hays George, William Jefferson 15420
George, William Jefferson 15420 Hays
Gillespie, Rebecca Jane 36171 Hays Gillespie, Asbury Flournoy
Glasscock, Maggie 46705 Hays Glasscock, Stephen Coleman
Glosson, Susan 41240 Hays Glosson, James
Green, W. P. 41043 Hays
Green, William Polk 37096 Hays
Guinn, George Rachel 31083 Hays
Hamilton, E. A. (Mrs) 1894 Hays Hamilton, J. M.
Hansard, L. A. (Mrs) 41020 Hays Hansard, William Emery 36037
Harris, John B. 21794 Hays
Harvey, Belle 28225 Hays Harvey, Henry Charles
Harwell, Sarah E. 31882 Hays Harwell, William Fletcher
Henson, William 32594 Hays
Henson, William (Mrs) 45354 Hays Henson, William 32594
Hewitt, Theodore F. 21277 Hays
Hill, Elijah J. 04591 Missing Hays
Hill, Nannie Mays 49472 Hays Hill, Eli 9585
Hill, Sarah J. 21285 Hays Hill, Elijah J. 04591 Missing
Hirst, M. E. (Mrs) 45160 Hays Hirst, Henry Loughlin
Hoge, Martha Adaline 40305 Hays Hoge, John Campbell
Horn, Laura Elizabeth 29971 Hays Horn, Edwin Green
Howard, J. B. 34507 Hays
Howell, Joe Rejected Hays
Hughes, Jerry 11944 Hays
Jacks, L. A. (Mrs) 15421 Hays Jacks, John Thompson
Jackson, Hopson Morgan (Mrs) 35510 Hays Jackson, Hopson Morgan 26778
James, Letitia 7237 Hays James, Thomas Doran
Jenkins, Thomas H. 26020 Hays
Jenkins, Thomas H. (Mrs) 41507 Hays Jenkins, Thomas H. 26020
Johnson, Cornelia J. 10261 Hays
Jordan, John Y. 11943 Hays
Keesee, Rohoda A. 7700 Hays Keesee, George
King, Emma C. 47352 Hays King, Henry P.
King, Mattie 31113 Hays King, David Webster
Lancaster, Mary E. 42465 Hays Lancaster, Selby Franklin
Langston, Roena F. 27016 Hays Langston, Jesse Murino
Leary, Nettie P. Rejected Hays Leary, John Lemuel
Lee, J. W. 14265 Hays
Lee, Kate 42374 Hays Lee, Benjamin Seymour
Lee, Robert E. 39470 Hays
Lester, Archer Vaughan 45510 Hays
Leverenz, Amelia 21504 Hays Leverenz, Frederick Johann Christian 19990
Leverenz, Frederick Johann C. 19990 Hays
Ligon, David R. 36785 Hays
Luce, D. L. 10100 Hays
Luce, Sarah M. 12894 Hays Luce, D. L. 10100
Mading, James Munroe 37450 Hays
Mading, James Munroe (Mrs) 40296a Hays Mading, James Munroe 37450
Madling, J. M. Rejected Missing Hays
Massey, A. J. 4635 Hays
Massey, W. L. 15422 Hays
Matlock, Mary Ann 8203 Hays Matlock, Pleasant M. 7698
Matlock, Pleasant M. 7698 Hays
Mayes, Katie Lee 41992 Hays Mayes, William Austin 19018
Mayes, L. V. (Mrs) 17798 Hays Mayes, John Matthew
Mayes, William Austin 19018 Hays
McClanahan, H. N. 15684 Hays
McCulloch, Cora Barton 46851 Hays McCulloch, Ben Eustace
McGaughy, Josephine 42126 Hays McGaughy, Samuel Dekalb
McKie, Laura 34851 Hays McKie, Dan
Meeks, Rachel 35593 Hays Meeks, Randolph Calhoun
Meeks, Randolph C. 22693 Hays
Miles, A. W. (Mrs) 38195 Hays Miles, Andrew Warren 21897
Millhollon, Medora M. 33316 Hays Millhollon, Newton 11478
Millhollon, Newton 11478 Hays
Montgomery, John A. 47324 Hays
Moore, Cynthia Emmaline 17799 Hays Moore, William D. Fletcher 12517
Moore, John 12406 Hays
Moore, Mary 11476 Hays Moore, Lorenzo
Moore, W. S. Hart (Mrs) 42293 Hays Hart, Alfred
Neal, J. A. 1895 Hays
Norwood, William J. 40241 Hays
Odom, Hugh S. 1896 Hays
Oliver, Pollie A. 42317 Hays Oliver, James Dyonisius
Oliver, Selah Ann 1897 Hays Oliver, J. J.
Osborn, Jessie Franklin 4632 Hays
Owen, Agnes Stone 30220 Hays Owen, James Larken
Parks, Elizabeth 8338 Hays Parks, Porter 1898
Parks, Porter 1898 Hays
Payne, John E. 28190 Hays
Peel, M. E. (Mrs) 40826 Hays Peel, Thomas Jefferson
Pettey, Emma 46980 Hays Pettey, Thomas Sewel
Polk, James H. 13360 Hays
Porter, David M. 8339 Hays
Prather, Frank (Francis) Harvey 15423 Hays
Prather, Lillian 50293 Hays Prather, Francis (frank) Harvey 15423
Price, Benjamin F. 6878 Hays
Puckett, W. W. 42724 Hays
Quick, Jacob Clauson 17796 Hays
Quick, Mary Ann 21333 Hays Quick, Jacob Clauson 17796
Raines, R. H. 20910 Hays
Richards, Nancy Mary 6556 Hays Richards, Clenton George
Richardson, Henry Rejected Hays
Richie, Temperance Rebecca 30221 Hays Richie, Henry Clay
Roberts, Elenora 34462 Hays Roberts, Henry W. 10258
Roberts, Henry W. 10258 Hays
Robison, J. T. 12893 Hays
Rogers, Edna Cabrella 40982 Hays Rogers, Joe
Rogers, Paul Hamilton 12404 Hays
Rogers, Paul Hamilton (Mrs) 32967 Hays Rogers, Paul Hamilton 12404
Rowland, James O. 35198 Hays
Rylander, G. E. Rejected Hays
Rylander, I. B. 47024 Hays
Sansom, P. M. (Mrs) 33024 Hays Sansom, Thomas Lowry
Seward, S. E. (Mrs) 33939 Hays Seward, James Alvin 8984
Shafer, Hugh Brock (Mrs) 46250 Hays Shafer, Hugh Brock
Simpson, Luneta C. 09580b Hays Simpson, Henry 09580a
Slack, W. W. 1899 Hays
Smith, Emma 42060 Hays Smith, Peter Joseph Charles
Smith, Frances 41882 Hays Smith, John Douglas
Smith, Missouri T. 45356 Hays Smith, Henry L. 28508
Smith, Permilia C. 22070 Hays Smith, Ralph J.
Smith, Ralph J. 1900 Hays
Smith, Sarah Ellen Lee 50834 Hays Lee, Robert E. 39470
Smith, Seleta 18594 Hays Smith, Jeremiah
Smith, William Pitt 20061 Hays
Snellings, Jasper Lafayette (Mrs) 46357 Hays Snellings, Jasper Lafayette
Solomon, P. H. Rejected Hays
Sprouse, William 30720 Hays
Stanfield, Mary F. 9034 Hays Stanfield, E. A.
Stephenson, L. A. (Mrs) 20001 Hays Stephenson, Joel Thomas
Stewart, William Lanir 27866 Hays
Talbot, Laura Milam 47527 Hays Talbot, Paul Thilman
Taylor, Peyton 10262 Hays
Taylor, Peyton 35266 Hays
Thompson, Elizabeth Hardeman 38532 Hays Thompson, William Alexander
Trammell, Elizabeth Wilburn 48024 Hays Trammell, Thomas Jehu
Turner, P. D. 14266 Hays
Walker, F. M. 23780 Hays
Wallace, Julia L. 47050 Hays Wallace, Hiram Craig
Wallace, Sarah E. 13844 Hays Wallace, John G. 8813
Watkins, Calvert 35506 Hays
Watkins, Mattie E. Rejected Hays Watkins, Calvert 35506
Watkins, Sophie 40682 Hays Watkins, Sam Moore
Watson, Catharine C. 30317 Hays Watson, Martin Luther 21974
Watson, Martin Luther 21974 Hays
Weatherford, William Campbell 21977 Hays
Weaver, William M. 17797 Hays
Weir, Albert Rejected Hays
Whisenant, J. N. Rejected Hays
Whisnant, J. T. 7699 Hays
Wiegreffe, Agusta 51232 Hays Wiegreffe, Charles
Willcoxon, Georgia 35080 Hays Willcoxon, John 12891
Willcoxon, John 12891 Hays
Williamson, Carrie Faris 35927 Hays Williamson, John Rowland
Williamson, James Ligon 12890 Hays
Williamson, James Ligon (Mrs) 18786 Hays Williamson, James Ligon 12890
Williamson, Lottie 37060 Hays Williamson, Newton Cannon 34965
Williamson, Newton Cannon 34965 Hays
Wingenshode, John C. 29275 Hays
Wood, Mary E. 49259 Hays Wood, Greer Woodly
Woods, Ella Rives 21503 Hays Woods, Peter C.
Woods, Francis 33446 Hays Woods, William Pinkney 25840
Woods, John Elliott 1901 Hays
Woods, Mary Jane 45779 Hays Woods, George Washington
Woods, William Pinkney 25840 Hays
Wyatt, M. A. (Mrs) 21391 Hays Wyatt, William Jasper 15417
Wyatt, William Jasper 15417 Hays
Wylie, James R. 34966 Hays
Young, Fannie E. 23288 Hays Young, David Alexander