Federal Census Mortality Schedules – 1850-1885

Some of the records were not scanned properly or clearly making some of the names difficult to read and/or transcribe.

NameDeath DateCensus PlaceBirth YearBirth PlaceRace
CarrieSep 1879San Marcos, Haysabt 1789PennsylvaniaWhite
??AhDec 1879San Marcos, Haysabt 1795KentuckyWhite
MaryMar 1880Precinct 4, Haysabt 1802TennesseeWhite
ByrdSep 1879Hays, Texasabt 1803South CarolinaWhite
ArchibaldMay 1880Hays, Texasabt 1804MichiganWhite
John WAug 1879Beat 2, Haysabt 1807KentuckyWhite
Ira MNov 1879Beat 2, Haysabt 1811VirginiaWhite
RichardFeb 1880Hays, Texasabt 1811KentuckyWhite
ElizabethDec 1879Beat 2, Haysabt 1813AlabamaWhite
JamesJun 1879Hays, Texasabt 1816OhioWhite
HannahDec 1879Hays, Texasabt 1817KentuckyWhite
MarthaDec 1879Hays, Texasabt 1817South CarolinaWhite
??fort WOct 1879San Marcos, Haysabt 1819KentuckyWhite
MFeb 1880San Marcos, Haysabt 1820MexicoWhite
ThomasMay 1880Beat 2, Haysabt 1828IrelandWhite
Sarah JFeb 1880San Marcos, Haysabt 1831AlabamaWhite
ClaraFeb 1880Hays, Texasabt 1835MexicoWhite
Henry EApr 1880Precinct 4, Haysabt 1836ConnecticutWhite
WilliamJan 1880Beat 2, Haysabt 1840VirginiaWhite
FredrickJun 1879Beat 2, Haysabt 1841TennesseeWhite
Lavenia HJun 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1844TexasWhite
James TFeb 1880Beat 2, Haysabt 1846TennesseeWhite
PeterSep 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1847GermanyWhite
BartolaMay 1880Hays, Texasabt 1848MexicoWhite
VirginiaFeb 1880Beat 2, Haysabt 1848GeorgiaWhite
BascomMar 1880Precinct 4, Haysabt 1848ArkansasWhite
MFeb 1880San Marcos, Haysabt 1849MississippiWhite
EasterFeb 1880Hays, Texasabt 1850AlabamaWhite
David GJan 1880Precinct 3, Haysabt 1854FloridaWhite
FranciscoJul 1879San Marcos, Haysabt 1854MexicoWhite
MargaretMar 1880San Marcos, Haysabt 1855AlabamaWhite
Martin TSep 1879Hays, Texasabt 1855TennesseeWhite
PetasioApr 1880Hays, Texasabt 1855MexicoWhite
Mary CJul 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1856TexasWhite
AnthonySep 1879San Marcos, Haysabt 1857MississippiWhite
MarySep 1879San Marcos, Haysabt 1857TexasWhite
RobertOct 1879Precinct 4, Haysabt 1857LouisianaWhite
LauraDec 1879Hays, Texasabt 1859TexasWhite
AngelineMay 1880Beat 2, Haysabt 1860TexasBlack
ElizabethMay 1880Hays, Texasabt 1861TexasBlack
SusanMay 1880Precinct 4, Haysabt 1862MissouriWhite
JohnOct 1879Hays, Texasabt 1862TexasBlack
LizzieAug 1879San Marcos, Haysabt 1863ArkansasBlack
CornellasOct 1879Hays, Texasabt 1864TexasBlack
MallieNov 1879Hays, Texasabt 1865TexasBlack
Navadi LMar 1880Hays, Texasabt 1868MichiganWhite
WillieDec 1879Hays, Texasabt 1870TexasBlack
LizzieMay 1880Hays, Texasabt 1872Texas,Black
Wallie JFeb 1880San Marcos, Haysabt 1872TexasWhite
Isaac DJul 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1872TexasWhite
JohnNov 1879Precinct 4, Haysabt 1872TexasWhite
WyattSep 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1874TexasWhite
AliceJun 1879Precinct 4, Haysabt 1876TexasWhite
LauraMar 1880Hays, Texasabt 1876TexasBlack
AllieSep 1879Beat 2, Haysabt 1877TexasWhite
KellyDec 1879Precinct 4, Haysabt 1877TexasWhite
Samuel WJan 1880Hays, Texasabt 1877TexasWhite
VernerSep 1879Hays, Texasabt 1877TexasWhite
BessieJun 1879San Marcos, Haysabt 1878TexasWhite
MariahJan 1880San Marcos, Haysabt 1878TexasWhite
TerenceJul 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1878TexasWhite
James MAug 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1878TexasWhite
JonahAug 1879Beat 2, Haysabt 1878TexasWhite
ZulmaJul 1879Precinct 4, Haysabt 1878TexasWhite
EmmaAug 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1879TexasWhite
InfantOct 1879Precinct 4, Haysabt 1879TexasWhite
MaryNov 1879Hays, Texasabt 1879TexasWhite
No NameDec 1879Hays, Texasabt 1879TexasMulatto
BabeAug 1879Hays, Texasabt 1879TexasWhite
CharlieFeb 1880Precinct 4, Haysabt 1879TexasWhite
HenryJan 1880Precinct 3, Haysabt 1879TexasWhite
No NameJul 1879Hays, Texasabt 1879TexasBlack
No NameSep 1879Precinct 3, Haysabt 1879TexasWhite
Sidney FJan 1880Hays, Texasabt 1879TexasWhite
ThadiousJan 1880Beat 2, Haysabt 1879TexasWhite
Wm LMar 1880Precinct 3, Haysabt 1879TexasWhite
S B DeadFeb 1880Precinct 4, Haysabt 1880TexasWhite
EllisApr 1880San Marcos, Haysabt 1880TexasWhite
InfantJan 1880Precinct 4, Haysabt 1880TexasWhite
JamesFeb 1880Beat 2, Haysabt 1880TexasWhite
Major LFeb 1880San Marcos, Haysabt 1880TexasWhite
No NameFeb 1880Hays, Texasabt 1880TexasBlack
Stella AllenMar 1870Precinct 5, Haysabt 1870TexasWhite
Sampson SmallwoodFeb 1870Precinct 2, Haysabt 1763VirginiaBlack
Edna May HarperApr 1870Precinct 2, Haysabt 1870TexasWhite
Mary HenryNov 1869Precinct 2, Haysabt 1839KentuckyMulatto
Wiley BagleyOct 1869Precinct 1, Haysabt 1807GeorgiaWhite
Rebecca A BagleySep 1869Precinct 1, Haysabt 1821GeorgiaWhite
John BagleySep 1869Precinct 1, Haysabt 1856TexasWhite
Isaiah BarnesAug 1869Precinct 1, Haysabt 1866TexasMulatto
Lilly BarterSep 1869Precinct 5, Haysabt 1866TexasWhite
Charles A BixlerNov 1869Precinct 1, Haysabt 1869TexasMulatto
Charles BrixeyNov 1869Precinct 1, Haysabt 1869TexasWhite
Phillip BurlesonJan 1870Precinct 1, Haysabt 1857TexasBlack
Matilda CausseyMar 1870Precinct 1, Haysabt 1842TennesseeMulatto
Ezekiel DengerApr 1870Precinct 5, Haysabt 1870TexasWhite
Ausbury FielderApr 1870Precinct 5, Haysabt 1868TexasWhite
Janan ??IlliamsOct 1869Precinct 5, Haysabt 1866TexasWhite
Leler ??InchaJan 1870Precinct 5, Haysabt 1800GeorgiaMulatto
Martha R JackmanFeb 1870Precinct 1, Haysabt 1834MississippiWhite
Josephine JanbroughAug 1869Precinct 5, Haysabt 1865TexasWhite
Alford ??KalFeb 1880Hays, Texasabt 1879TexasWhite
No Name ??KalApr 1880Hays, Texasabt 1880TexasWhite
Martha LeachDec 1869Precinct 1, Haysabt 1840MissouriWhite
D Platt ??MithMay 1870Precinct 2, Haysabt 1852WisconsinWhite
Chilam ??NiakillJul 1869Precinct 2, Haysabt 1869TexasWhite
Simon ??OmasJan 1870Precinct 2, Haysabt 1825LouisianaBlack
Mariah ??OnndsNov 1869Precinct 5, Haysabt 1829CaliforniaBlack
Mary Jane RoadesDec 1869Precinct 3, Haysabt 1843TexasWhite
Harriett RuckerMar 1870Precinct 1, Haysabt 1850LouisianaBlack
Brentice ??ShnsFeb 1870Precinct 2, Haysabt 1869TexasBlack
Charles A SmithAug 1869Precinct 1, Haysabt 1864TexasWhite
No Name ??TeApr 1880Hays, Texasabt 1880TexasWhite
Marian WanfordNov 1869Precinct 5, Haysabt 1868TexasWhite
Panier ??WceaMay 1870Precinct 2, Haysabt 1843MexicoWhite
James A WhiteMay 1870Precinct 1, Haysabt 1833MissouriWhite
Eliza J ??YneJun 1869Precinct 2, Haysabt 1831TennesseeWhite