Civil War News


Revised From Thursday’s Proceedings

Obtained and transcribed by Lisa Smith-Curtean

Source: The Austin Weekly Statesman Austin, Texas, Thursday, April 27, 1882, Page 2 Column 3

Next followed the reading of Gen. Andrew Neill’s report of deaths.  The report includes the names of all who have died since the last annual meeting, or not previously reported, and is officially submitted as follows:

Winslow Turner of Lee county, died May 6, 1881; aged 69 years.

Justo Travieso of Bexar county, died May 16, 1881; aged 78 years.

Evan Corner of Atascosa county, died 1881.

Wm. J. Cannon of Brazoria, died September 25, 1881; aged 72 years.

Wm. J. Russell of Bexar county, died November 5, 1881; aged 65 years.

John J. Pondexter of Galveston, died November 10, 1881; aged 65 years.

Wm. D. Smith of Gonzales, died May 31, 1881; aged 93 years.

A. B. F. Kerr of Hays county, died November 21, 1881; aged 60 years.

Leando Chavez of Bexar county, died November 23, 1881; aged 71 years.

David George of Hays county, died 1881; age 66 years.

R. C. Doom of Jasper county, died December 5, 1881; aged 70 years.

M. G. Jacobs of Dewitt county, died December 18, 1881; aged 68 years.

Archibald Hotchkiss of Anderson county, died January 20, 1882; aged 88 years.

James R. Shipman of Fort Bend county, died February 8, 1882; aged 69 years.

Antonio Olivos of Bexar county, died February 10, 1882; aged 75 years.

Wm. B. Scates of Colorado county, died February 20, 1882; aged 75 years.

Wm. W. Thompson of Arizona county, died February 28, 1882; aged 82 years.E.S.

Wood of Galveston, died March 8, 1882; aged 67 years.

Jacob Dunbar of Walker county, died October 22, 1881; aged 73 years.

William Heath of Walker county, died October 29, 1881; aged 62 years.

Peter C. Ragsdale of Hays county, died March 12, 1882; aged 72 years.

W.W. Hackworth of Washington county, died March 19, 1882; aged 70 years.

Miller Francis of Austin county, died March 21, 882; aged 72 years.

John Lamon of Medina county, died March 14, 1882; aged 66 years.

Desha Bunton of Travis county, died March 22, 1882; aged 73 years.

Joseph Ware of Jackson county, died March 22, 1882; aged 74 years.

James A. Sylvester of New Orleans. La., died April 8, 1882; aged 72 years.

O.L. Shivers of Marion, Ala., died March 14, 1881; aged — years.

Joseph Jackson of Burleson county, died March 15, 1881; aged 69 years.

Alexander Coy of Harris county, died March 15, 1882, aged 72 years.

John Spears of Nacogdoches county, died March 8, 1882; aged 68 years.

Theodore Thomas of San Augustine, died December 8, 1881; aged 68 years.

James Young of Williamson county, died March 1882; aged 70 years.

Jas. H. King of Red River county, aged 78 years.

Being thirty-four so far as the same are known, or have been reported to me.  There will be found among these our first vice-president, W. J. Russell, and one of the veterans of Velasco:  W.B. Scates, one of the signers of the declaration of independence; also Wm. W. Thompson, one of the first settlers of Austin, in 1840.  Five of the above were over 80 years of age.

Respectfully submitted,

A. NEILL, Chairman of committee