U.S. Applications for Seaman’s Protection Certificates, 1916-1940

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View RecordNameBirth DateBirth PlaceApplication DateApplication Place
View RecordBruce Powers Allbright5-May-1912San Marcos,Texas29-May-1931Houston, Texas
View RecordS. J. Baehilabt 1913San Marcos, Texas23-Oct-1930Galveston, Texas
View RecordThos O. Baldwin25-Sep-1908San Marcos, Texas4-Feb-1932Galveston, Texas
View RecordSimon John Beedice Jr21-Jul-1913San Marcos, Texas23-Oct-1930Galveston, Texas
View RecordRobert D Branumabt 1894Kyle, Texas13-Sep-1922Galveston, Texas
View RecordJack Chesbroabt 1910San Marcos, Texas23-Oct-1930Galveston, Texas
View RecordJack Chesebro10-Oct-1910San Marcos, Texas23-Oct-1930Galveston, Texas
View RecordEdwin Green27-Nov-1901San Marcos, Texas15-Sep-1925New Orleans, Louisiana
View RecordCecil Hawkinsabt 1898Kyle Texas13-Apr-1926Galveston, Texas
View RecordHerbert Herman Hodges17-Jul-1907Mountain City4-Nov-1933New York, New York
View RecordChas A. Marstaller8 Aug 1893Kyle, Texas22-Oct-1918New York, New York
View RecordBen P Matlock2 Mar 1897Kyle, Texas7-Jun-1932Galveston, Texas
View RecordBen P Mettockabt 1897Kyle, Texas7-Jun-1932Galveston, Texas
View RecordJoe B. Partlow4-Oct-1905San Marcos, Texas14-Apr-1933Houston, Texas
View RecordJoe B Partlowabt 1906San Marcos, Texas14-Apr-1930Houston, Texas
View RecordW. H. Salter19 Apr 1894Buda, Texas14-Nov-1919Seattle, Washington
View RecordWilliam Serm14-May-1912San Marcos, Texas21-Aug-1930Galveston, Texas
View RecordRaymond O Smith17 Feb 1896 16-Jul-1920New York, New York
View RecordHerbert L. Tupperabt 1913 24-Jul-1933Houston, Texas